Polk Signa S2 Best Soundbar Subwoofer and Reviews

Polk Signa S2 is totally a well-known name with the audio folks, and that’s for a better cause, as they have products that vary from the most entry-level, all the way to pretty high-end floor standing speakers. Moreover, they are known for good quality and overall well designed products.

This being said, the sample for today’s reviews comes from a shop, and Polk doesn’t generally sell directly to their customers, but instead relies on their agents and distributors, like HIFI Center, the shop as long as the sample for today’s review.

HI-FI Center has a wide variety of legacy, from portable DACs, headphones, all the way to FiiO products, bookshelf speakers, and even high-end floor standing speakers. As well as cord and other HiFi products. They take care of warranty and supply after sales service for their products

Polk Signa S2 Best Soundbar Subwoofer and Reviews

It should be noted that I have absolutely no bonding with Polk or HIFI Center, I am not receiving any incentive for this review or to sweeten things out. I’d like to thank the HIFI Center for providing the trial for this review.

This review reflects my personal experience with Best Polk Signa S2. Every opinion conveyed is mine and I stand by it. The purpose of this review is to help those interested in Best Polk Signa S2 find their next music companion.

Design and body review

Can you ask the question first then, and which I also had, was, how well can a 200-USD soundbar be built, so that you don’t feel like you’re buy something cheap just because it is cheap. Ok, I was absolutely impressed by the build quality.

The soundbar itself is made of a high range-quality plastic, and it feels nice to the touch. As far as I can tell, it is not possible to take out the speaker grille, but since it wouldn’t affect the sound negatively, and it does protect the little speakers inner part of the soundbar, it is better that it stays in place.

Furthermore, you can connect Polk Signa S2 to your TV and Desktop via HDMI ARC, which primarily means that you can connect it to your smart TV’s box, and then the HDMI connector to your desktop will see Best Polk Signa S2 as an Audio option.

But let’s slow down for two seconds. In terms of design quality, the subwoofer is a large wooden box that’s made of processed wood and feels really solid / rigid,But it’s light. It is a unit that weighs about 5 Kilograms.

Which is totally light, mostly compared to the BAR which has a 1.8 KG. This way you’re going to see a very heavy soundbar that feels in fact well made, but a subwoofer that feels way light for its build.

The statement here is quite simple, the driver inside the subwoofer is actually quite small, as it has a 5.25″ driver, which is able to go as low as 45 Hz, but not lower. At any rate, this is totally enough to provide a very sustainable ramble and impact for movies, but won’t let fall all the way to 20 Hz for those.

Who really want to hear the roar of the earth in their home. For that, you will require a big overall bass driver anyways, so don’t worry, for this price range, Polk Signal S2 is pretty much excellent.

Best Polk Signa S2 also comes with a remote, but you can also configure it using the TV’s remote, but using its remote effort as well, so you have a lot of options for best using it. If your TV is installed on a wall, you don’t have to worry, it comes with an installation shaft, in a keyhole shape, and you will be able to use it installed on a wall as well.

The subwoofer needs a power connection of its own, and the best soundbar needs one as well, so you have to have at least two sockets free to install it. On top of that, it is also possible to use polk S2 with a Bluetooth connection, so of course you will be able to get a wireless experience with it.

The middle of the drivers are 1.25″ in size, and the tweeters are 1″ in size, which results in a very good overall theoretical content. Best Polk Signa S2 also accepts Aux inputs, as well as Optical inputs, which sounds as good as HDMI, but which allows you to connect it to a wider array of sources.

The subwoofer joined automatically to the soundbar wirelessly, so if you don’t like cables lying all over, Signa S2 will surely be a device just for you. On the other hand, If you’re concerned about the quality of the signal, or if you’re concerned about how well it connects as well. I had exactly zero issues, it simply connects always, and if you need to reconnect it, it has a Bar Sync button, which will do just that.

There will be more spicy details to talk about in the desktop usage part of this review, which deals more in detail with how to actually use Best Polk Signa S2 and what I discovered while using it for the past months.

Sound Quality Performance

Since I’ve been using the Best Polk Signa S2 for about a few months now, I have a much finer grasp about its sound and overall standard, as at first, it wasn’t quite as simple to describe its strengths and weaknesses.

In terms of sound standard, it has quite a strange tuning, with a warm and bassy overall presentation, a voice-centered midrange, and with a smooth and relaxing treble.

I wouldn’t personally recommend EQ’ing Best Polk Signa S2, but ideally, I would go with using it in its levant configuration. The mids are musical and despite a lovely odd overall tonality, they in fact get the job done when it comes to sounding sweet and playing guitar in an enjoyable way.

The bass is deep and if you do not mind the bass rolling off at 45 Hz, and not let fall much lower, you will be more than happy with Best Polk Signa S2. There are bass enhancement options you can enable to get more ramble and a great sound, and overall.

When it comes to its music showing, the bass is fast enough for most electronic and EDM, but it is slow for metal music, and I wouldn’t recommend it for hostile metal.

For rock star music, the sound is a touch thick, and the going past between the bass and the midrange identify complete, but isn’t overly warm, instead feels thick and a touch dark. The sound is big and provides a convincing step, which helps with the stage.

If you enable the voice adjustment, the soundstage gets greatly smaller, and the sound is much more forward in the midrange. There is also a music mode in there, which applies an EQ to the sound, so that sounds good for certain applications. I found it to sound most balanced and best if left in music mode.

Can be seen on the other hand, the treble is pretty tame and hassle-free, rolling off lovely early, at about 10 kHz, so there is not a lot of spice in the highs. This also means that the sound is pretty pleasant, and watching movies for all but four hours in a row won’t be tiring or draining. On the other hand for music.

This means that you do not get a lot of excitement, and older, more bright recordings will sound nice and okay, while for electronic.

In the terms of detail and grade, polk S2 is very clear and crisp for its 200 USD price tip, and better than the average of structure will get you, even better than most 2.0 setups in terms of bass extension and final vocal performance.

Polk Signa S2 Soundbar Unboxing

First things first, let’s unbox it. It has been a spell since I last saw a package that wasn’t absolutely a normal box, and Best Polk Signa S2 doesn’t fail with their package, coming in an L-Shaped box, which has sufficient space for the soundbar, the remote, the subwoofer, and the cables compulsory to connect it.

Generally , they come in a fancy package and I love the presentation. It unboxes the system and for the price, it is a big and cool-looking one.



  • Really good build quality
  • Excellent value
  • Nice lows, impactful, and deep
  • Smooth treble
  • Lots of connection options
  • Great overall deal


  • The treble ain’t the most engaging


The Best Polk Signa S2 is quite pocket-friendly priced at 200 USD, making it a very affordable and high-end soundbar. You’ll find things in the package that can sometimes cost up to 200 USD without a complete speaker and subwoofer, such as high-quality cables, which are much more expensive these days.

After we get over that little joke, when I say that the system is very good value, you get a soundbar, you get a subwoofer, they connect wirelessly, you also get a remote and the necessary things to connect everything.

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