LG Sound Bar S95QR Review and Unboxing with OLED Evo G3 TV

I believe that a great TV needs a good quality audio system to go along with it. We have the LG sound bar S95QR with surround speakers and a sub pair with the new 77″ LG OLED Evo G3 TV.

Let’s unbox the S95QR and find out how it sounds and how pairing it with an amazing LG OLED TV benefits you now of course. Now we will unbox the soundbar and the TV.

But first we have to see what is in the box right on top is the S95 QR Sound bar. Which is pretty large. I’ve seen it best to pair with a 55 or 65″ TV but honestly I think it’s perfect for a 77″ OLED. Because, I think it looks better when the Sound bar is smaller than the TV.

LG Sound Bar S95QR Review and Unboxing with OLED Evo G3 TV

The Sound bar is 47 inches long versus the TV that’s about 67 inches wide. It has seven forward facing speakers and three upward firing speakers, including the upward firing center more on that in a second. 

It also has a super nice gray finish. The sound bar is black but the metallic looking finish is really nice in my opinion. It has a really nice low profile which can be a great benefit. If you’re trying to slide it under a TV and still have a nice clean look.

Next out of the box are the two satellite speakers that have three channels each including surround. Surround rear and upward firing speaker for each side.

These are wireless in that they don’t have chords to the Sound bar, but yes you do still need to plug them into the wall and finally there’s a 220 WATT subwoofer.

This looks like it’s going to have some base to it which is a must for me anyways. I really feel that a sound bar system needs to provide the full range of frequencies to be a true game Cher for your gaming or theater area with all four speakers.

You’re getting a 91.5 channel system with a total 810 WATTs of total power including the world’s first upward firing center channel. It lets you hear each piece of sound clearly.

There’s some accessories in a separate box including a remote that looks very familiar like LG’s famous magic remote. However, with the LG OLED G3 remote, you can control the LG Sound bar S95QR system.

There is a template for hanging the Sound bar on the wall. The template will be needed in handy for setting up on Wall. If you plan to do that LG provides an HDMI cord to connect your TV and Sound bar. 

Which provides the best connection and sound quality. As well as the ability to turn the product on and off together. As I stated earlier everything needs to be powered so there are all the AC cords for the different pieces.

Lastly, In the box some mounting brackets the smaller ones are actually for the sound bar and the larger ones are for the rear speakers. Again, If you want to install this on the wall this is good to know. While the sun and the satellite speakers don’t have a lot of extra buttons on them the sound bar itself has all the connectivity you need.

You have two HDMI 2.1 inputs on the Sound bar. So if your TV has HDMI 2.1 like this G3 OLED. Then you can pass through that high-speed gaming frame rate that you need.

Even if your sources aren’t HDMI 2.1 things like Blu-ray player can connect and pass through video while leaving the high-res DTSX audio at the Sound bar which is a must for Blu-ray watching friends.

Then you have HDMI 2.1 E port, which communicates to and from the TV and gives you that instant audio and video connection to the LG TV. There is a USB connection and a digital optical output.

If you need those for alternate connectivity. Just so we’re clear on the pairing of our office we added the 77 inches LG G3 to our front living area.

Because, it’s one of if not the best TV on the planet this year. New MLA or micro lens array technology gives the G3 huge brightness benefits, while already having some of the best gaming specs for a top TV period.

It’s an absolutely fantastic OLED which our kids are going to love. But if there is one little thing that could improve it’s of course that they just can’t pack all of the speakers.

You may want an amazingly thin OLED TV. So having the LG sound bar S95QR is a massive upgrade and of course the LG OLED will work better with the LG sound bar. Because of the wild orchestra that we’re about to showcase where the sound bar and TV speakers can create a bigger wider soundstage

 So first thing, no wires between the speakers as I have said of course they’re all wireless and actually the signal is quite strong with no dropouts for this system. That’s a great feature because it can be annoying if you have a system that cuts out.

But LG has improved sound quality and also improved connectivity and range for great installation flexibility and signal stability. So we can just use the sound bar and system without the TV and it sounds great. I am a big fan. We can listen to all sorts of different content.

We can connect and control our favorite features like Chromecast and Airplay 2 through the LG sound bar. We can connect a phone or tablet via Bluetooth and listen to my playlist on the high quality LG sound bar.

Which is really amazing! if I’m working or gaming and I do need to hear the game. You can also control the sound bar by using the LG sound bar app. It’s really nice and I’ve been able to quickly calibrate the room.

So the system knows where the speakers are and can correct levels to most appropriately fit your listening environment. Then while I’m listening to different content I can control the volume and the level of all the speakers.

Even the sound effects from the LG sound bar app itself. So I’m listening to it. I can put it in music mode but if I’m watching a movie there’s also a mode for that as well. There’s amazing audio coming from all angles having 17 speakers including the five upward firing speakers. It gives you a wide soundstage and immersive experience no matter where you are in the room. 

Yes! The upward dialogue is great many times. Getting some minimal atoms effect from the front height channels is cool. But definitely having an upward firing center channel allows you to get more dialogue vertically as well.

So the sound bar S95QR is obviously capable of handling both Dolby Atoms and DTSX. You can connect any device directly to the sound bar to maintain the same high-range audio and video signal formats.

So it’s one thing to have a great LG Sound bar like the S95QR but when you pair it with the LG G3 OLED you get access to the power of the TV’s Alpha 9 AI processor that creates perfect Harmony of LG Sound bar.

The OLED TV produces the ultimate listening experience where you can feel every detail of the sound. The TV brings out the mid-range and treble of those TV speakers while the sound bar sub and surrounds are producing the rich sound stage simultaneously that’s a tongue twister.

LG actually has a term for this which is called wow Orchestra. Also a lot easier to say and it’s not just about the sound. But it’s the interaction with the wow interface you can access and change sound bar settings from the TV.

Using one signal magic remote which is a huge benefit as everyone knows it’s definitely more robust and you can hear those TV speakers firing and I love the combination and additional detail they provide paired up.

Ok, You can just go to watch movies and listen to music all day. Can you take it from here? I can handle having a total of 17 speakers including five upward firing speakers. You know that where you’re sitting you’ll be surrounded by a wide soundstage that provides a truly impressive experience.

As we said the LG sound bar S95 QP is the world’s first Sound bar with built in upward firing speakers that let you hear every piece of dialogue clearly providing a best in class home theater experience from LG.

When you use the S95QR in tandem with this LG G3. It unlocks the power of LG’s Alpha 9 AI processor which enables automatic optimization in the S95 QP sound quality.

It also enables LG’s wow Orchestra technology which utilizes the TV speakers to bring out their mid-res and treble while the sound bar provides a rich sound stage for movies, sports and video games. So Dolby Atoms DTSX all wirelessly connected.

Absolutely, I think it’s a great combination and I’m interested in hearing your comments about the LG Sound Bar . If you are interested in learning more about the LG Sound Bar S95QR? So you can ask any questions in the comment box below.

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