Cheetah Tool Pro Crack Free Download (Latest Version)

Cheetah Tool Pro is a most popular GSM Software repair tool for android based smartphones and tablets. Recently, the Cheetah tool’s latest version was released, and you can download it by clicking the download button. Cheetah Tool Pro is professional software for repairing MTK, and SpreadTrum based  Android devices. 

The tool helps users flash their Android device and unlock your device with no losing any user data. Remove the screen lock. IMEI repair with backup and restore the IMEI number and NVM/EFS, brick/unbrick and root, etc. Now, you can easily download the tool on your computer. If you want to unlock your device using this tool, follow the instructions below.

Cheetah is a repair software tool that can flash firmware, unlock and repair various GSM devices flash related issues, such as mobile phones and tablets. The tool allows a number of the brands and models, including Samsung, LG, Huawei, ZTE, Vivo, Oppo, Tecno, TCL etc.

Cheetah Tool Pro Crack Free Download (Latest Version)

With the Cheetah Tool Pro, users can perform functions, such as: reading Flash, Remove Sim Lock, Repair BT, Repair IMEI, Wipe Phones, Remove Google account, FRP Remove, Xiaomi Server, MTK, Support, SPRD Support, AllWinner Support, HIsilicon Support and writing firmware. In addition, using this tool to unlock the device’s bootloader, and repairing IMEI and other network-related issues. The tool is generally used by mobile phone repair technicians to service Android devices.

What is Cheetah Tool Pro?

Cheetah Tool Pro is a complete combo package for repairing software on any Android based devices in a quick and easy way without previous experience. Also, it doesn’t only help you to stock firmware installation, it helps to Repair Bootloder, Reading Information, Restore Locks, Factory Format, Read Screen lock, Enable Diag, Root Android, Reset FRP, Fix 9008 Port, Flash QRI, Reset QCN, Repair Invalid IMEI and more.

Added All Models Cheetah Tool Pro

  • Added World First: Nokia C02,Nokia G22,Nokia C32,Nokia C22
  • T21,T21 4G,C31,T10,T10 LTE
  • C12,T20,T20 4G,C1,C1 Plus,C2 2ND Edition,C01 Plus
  • C10,C20,C20 Plus,C21,C30,C31,G11,G21
  • G21 Plus,T10,TAB T20.
  • Motorola: Defy 2,Moto G73 5G,G23,G13.
  • E13,ThinkPhone.
  • Huawei: Added NOVE 10 10 Youth Edition.
  • Added 1st Samsung Models: SM-E045F, SM-E045F/DS
  • SM-A146B,SM-A146B/DS,SM-A146P,SM-A146P/DS,SM-A146U
  • SM-A146U1,SM-A146U1/DS,SM-A146W,SM-A146P/N,SM-A146P/DSN,SM-S146VL
  • SM-A346E,SM-A346B,SM-A346B/DS,SM-A346B/DSN
  • SM-A346E/DS,SM-A346E/DSN,SM-A346M
  • SM-A346M/N,SM-A346M/DSN,SM-A3460
  • SM-A546V,SM-A546U,SM-A546U1,SM-A546B
  • SM-A546B/DS,SM-A546E,SM-A546E/DS,SM-A5460
  • SM-M146B,SM-M146B/DSN.
  • TCL: Tab 11,NXTPAPER 11,NXTPAPER 12,406.
  • 405,40X,40XE,40XL,408,403,Ion X.
  • ZTE: Blade V40 Smart 5G.
  • LG: W41 Plus,W41 Pro,W41.
  • HISENSE: Infinity H60 Zoom,Infinity H60 5G,E18 Pro.
  • BLU: F92E 5G,C5L+,G52L.
  • Tecno: Spark 10 Pro, Phantom V Fold, Pop 7 Pro, Spark Go 2023
  • Phantom X2,Phantom X2 Pro,Pova Neo 2 5G,Pova 4,Pova Neo 2
  • Pop 6 Pro, Spark 9T India, Spark 9, Spark 9T, Camon 19 Pro 5G
  • Camon 19 Pro,Camon 19 Neo,Camon 19,Spark 9 Pro,Pova 3.
  • Oukitel: WP21 Ultra, WP22.
  • Realme: C55,V30t,V30.
  • Wiko:10,T50,T10,T3.

Cheetah Tool ProFeatures

Advanced MediaTek protocol

The MediaTek protocol is one of the most widely used protocols in smartphone technology. With the new version of Cheetah Tool Pro, this protocol has been significantly improved, making it more efficient and reliable than before. As a result, MediaTek-based smartphones can now be repaired and unlocked faster and with greater accuracy.

Advanced ADB protocol

Another essential protocol in smartphone technology is the ADB protocol, which stands for Android Debug Bridge. The new version of Cheetah Tool Pro has improved this protocol as well. With improved ADB support, technicians can now perform more advanced operations on Android devices.

New exploit for preloader reading

Every Android device should have a preloader. With new exploits for reading the preloader, technicians can now recover data from the preloader and use it to repair devices that were previously thought to be recoverable.

Added more than 2000 EMI for boot devices

Cheetah Tool Pro adds more than 2000 EMI (Electronic Manufacturer Identification) for boot devices. With this capability, technicians can determine the manufacturer of the device and select the appropriate firmware for the device.

Factory reset Spreadtrum device out of date, added new security diags

The new version of Cheetah Tool Pro now supports factory reset for Spreadtrum devices with both old and new security diagnostic interfaces. This feature allows technicians to reset the device to its factory settings, making it useful for troubleshooting software-related issues.

Added Repair IMEI Spreadtrum Device Old, New Security Diag

Cheetah Tool Pro can now repair IMEI of Spreadtrum devices with both old and new security diagnostic interfaces. For network activation and security, a special identification number called IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is required. This function guarantees network activation of the device and provides security for the device.

  • The tool to repair any Android based smartphones and tablets devices.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface to a simple minimalistic UI made perfect for both every new and old user.
  • Not required by the expert or professional skilled to use the tool.
  • It allows all of the SpreadTrum/MTK Chipsets versions quickly.
  • A separate version is available for the SpreadTrum platform with the Cheetah QcFire tool.
  • There Is a separate version available for MediaTek that is Cheetah Tool Pro.
  • It Supports installing Stock ROM/Firmware on SpreadTrum or MediaTek powered Android devices.
  • You can easily unlock any type of screen lock from any Android phone like Pattern, Password etc.
  • Also, it supports devices to deactivate or bypass the Google Account Verification situation from your device.
  • You can easily and directly download the latest Update Setup file on your computer from Cheetah Support Access for free.

User-friendly Interface: Cheetah Tool Pro has a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for users to perform various functions and fix software related issues on the Android devices.

Flash Stock firmware: Cheetah Tool Pro allows all users to flash or install the firmware ROM on their Android devices, which can help fix software related issues and improve device performance.

Unlock devices: The Dongle tool is used to unlock the bootloader of Android devices, allowing users to root their devices and access their full potential unlock.

Repair: It can repair network related problems, such as Invalid IMEI issues, and fix any other matters affecting device performance.

Multi support: Cheetah Dongle supports plenty of the brands and models smartphone and tablets devices, including Xaiomi, ZTE, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Asus, Oppo, Tecno, Redmi, Realme and others, making it a versatile and powerful tool for newbie and older technicians.


Cheetah Dongle Tool smoothly runs on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11 (32 bit & 64 bit). But, before you have to install the Cheetah support access to register your hardware Dongle and the Cheetah Tool Pro setup version to your Pc/laptop.

  1. How to unlock your device using the Cheetah Tool?
  2. First off, download and extract the zip package using WinRAR.7zip.
  3. After Cheetah Tool Prol then unzipping it, you will see the Tool, Driver, and Tutorial.
  4. Then, install the Cheetah GSM Tool .exe setup file on your computer.
  5. Install the required USB Driver on your computer. (If you have already installed, then SKIP this steps)

Read Info: You can use the Cheetah Tool Pro to easily read device information to check hardware and software. That’s for; Go to your desired function section > Choose chipset model > Select “Read Info” > Click on the Start.

Write Firmware: Open the tool > Go to Flasher tab > Then, choose stock ROM > Now, click on Flash > Connect your device to Flash Mode.

Reset FRP: Open the tool > Go to Service tab > Then, click on the Reset FRP > Connect your device to Flash Mode.

Reset Screen Lock: Open the tool > Go to Service tab > Then, click on the Format FS > Connect your device to Flash Mode.

Readme once

  • USB Driver: We have shared the required USB Drivers for connecting your device to the windows. Such as: MediaTek USB Driver, SpreadTrum, ADB Drivers and Samsung USB Driver.
  • Take a Backup: Take a complete backup file of your personal data from your Android device. Because after flashing your device using Cheetah Tool will delete all your data. For example, Photos, Documents etc.
  • Virus status: Firstly, we have scanned the tool using powerful Avast Antivirus. Then, we uploaded the zip pack on
  • Requirements: It’s not run without a Dongle device, so you must need a Cheetah box/dongle device to launch the tool. Otherwise, you can’t open it.
  • Credit: Full credit goes to Cheetah developer Team. Because they made and distributed this tool setup file for free.

Cheetah Tool Pro Latest Setup File (All versions)

Cheetah Tool Pro allows you to unlock SpreadTrum, MediaTek, Exynos chipset and Hi-silicon powered smartphones and Tablets devices. Cheetah Tool Pro Tool also helps you to flash, unlock, repair, and remove the FRP on your devices

Follow the below link to download the Cheetah Tool Pro latest setup, there is a direct link to download on your PC, make sure your pc meets the minimum system requirements and will smoothly install and work with this tool setup file on your pc.

Tool InformationTool Details
Software NameCheetah Tool Pro Released
VersionVer 2023.3.20.58
File SizeOnly 94 MB
Release Date20 MARCH 2023
File Hosted
File Price100% Free File (NO PAID)
Windows CompatibleWindows 7/8/8.1/10 32 & 64 bit
Upload SourceGoogle Drive/MEGA

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