Best Camera App for the iPhone 15 Pro Max with Experience

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is amazing for taking photos and videos, but my biggest dilemma is that the native iPhone camera app does not give you that much control. When the phone came out I had no choice but to shoot in the native camera app.

If I wanted features like Prores Log and 48 megapixel RAW photos. Thanks to the iOS engineer, Jam the Moment Pro camera app now features ProRes.

Best Camera App for the iPhone 15 Pro Max with Experience

iPhone 15 Pro Max Pro Camera Update Features

  • ProRes (Proxy,LT,422,& HQ0
  • Apple LOG 
  • 4MP ProRaw, JPG,TIFF,& HEIF
  • Dolby Vision 10-Bid HDR
  • Rec2020 &P3 Color Gamuts

Apple Log, 48 megapixel ProRAW, JPEG, TIFF and HEAF photos, Dolby Vision HDR, and more. I went to a park to test the camera app, see what the new update looks like and had some fun. So far shooting ProRes log in the Moment.

The Pro camera app is really amazing and actually even better than the native camera app. Because now I have all the flavors of ProRes to choose from, I had to shoot everything in ProRes proxy, that’s the smallest ProRes file.

I have some photo shooting experience with iPhone 15 Pro Max

You can get and now I’m actually able to shoot in 4K48 frames per second without having to use an external SSD. Before, in the native camera app, if you did shoot that way, you had to use an external hard drive or a dongle with a memory card reader.

Now, in the pro camera app, you don’t have to. That’s actually pretty cool and now another feature I’m actually excited about is that now you can shoot anamorphic and ProRes log in the Moment Pro camera app and it’ll desqueeze the footage for you.

In the native camera app, when you shoot with anamorphic, You have to manually desqueeze the footage in post. You couldn’t do it in the camera app. So this will save me some editing time. So, let’s get some anamorphic. After reviewing the footage, you have to say I’m incredibly impressed.

Another thing you’ll be really happy to know is that not only can you shoot in 4k60, but you can also shoot at 4k48 and 4k60 frames per second. But I always shoot with 4k48 frames. The reason I opted for 48 frames per second is that you can still slow it down and get a slow motion shot, but you’re also using less memory than you typically would if you shot 4k60.

So this was a great way of conserving memory and also just slow motion. Now if you just want a simple shooting experience, say you don’t want to shoot in ProRes or Log, you don’t have to. John actually added a few color profiles that will walk you through real quick.

So first thing you’re going to want to do is go to the settings and you will just scroll down to video settings once again. You can just turn Apple ProRes off and now under video codec you can choose between HEVC or H.264 which are nice and compressed codecs that are going to give you a smaller file size than ProRes.

Now the straight out of the camera great colors are going to be default rec 709 and HDR 2020 is there if you do want to edit your videos in an HDR timeline I prefer not to because if you mix high dynamic range footage and standard dynamic range footage.

It’s just going to be very complicated for your editing workflow So I personally don’t use it, but it’s there if you want it and for all my photographers out there.

You can shoot in 48 megapixel ProRAW, JPEG, TIFF, HEIF, and 12 megapixel raw. So when I first started shooting photos, I wanted  to shoot in 48 megapixel ProRAW and I’ll show you how to access that now.

You just want to click where it says RAW on the top and you can select ProRAW. Now under photo settings, the very bottom selection, prefer 48 megapixel photos so you can just select that and now you’re ready to start shooting in ProRAW photos.

If you don’t care to shoot in RAW you can get an even smaller file by using the TIFF or HEIF. Both of those will be a smaller file size than the raw or pro raw.

Overall, I have to say that I am incredibly impressed with this pro camera update just because there’s been so many new features added into the iPhone 15 Pro max. Now that you can use all those features to their full capabilities I definitely do recommend getting  the pro camera app.

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