How to take screenshot on iPhone 8 Easily Method

Capture an image of what is currently displayed on the screen of your screenshot on iPhone 8. Because an essential feature of new mobile phones and tablets is the ability to take screenshots.

While there are apps that can perform this function. You don’t need to install any additional apps as it is already included in the iOS 11, upgradable to iOS 12.1 operating system.

When you take a screenshot, you can save a WhatsApp conversation, twitter message, Instagram story, text conversion, Facebook photo, or video frame in the memory of your Apple device.

How to take screenshot on iPhone 8 Easily Method

First method: Screenshot on iPhone 8 

If you want to make a screenshot to your iPhone 8 you have to follow these easy steps:

Estimated time: 1 minute for screenshot on iPhone 8.


First, go to the screen that you want to capture a screenshot of on your iPhone 8, whether it’s a website page, chat, or application.


Simultaneously press the power or unlock key ( right side) and the central button or Touch ID of your iPhone 8 and quickly release both buttons at the same time.


The captured image will be minimized and will appear in the lower part of the screen on the left of the iPhone 8 for a few seconds.

If you want to edit or share the capture instantly, click on the short before it disappears. If you do not want to use the screenshot on apple at this time, you can ignore the short and continue using the device, taking extra screenshots if desired.


If you have clicked on the short, the screenshot editor will open, allowing you to edit the screenshot.You can cut it, draw on it, delete parts, use arrows, circles, comment bubbles, magnifying glass, add text or add a signature. These tools can be very useful for highlighting important information or annotating screenshots before sharing with others.


Once you’re done editing the capture, tap OK to save it to your iPhone 8’s photo gallery. A confirmation prompt will appear, asking you to save or delete the screenshot in the photo gallery.


 If you want to send the capture, tap the share button, select the app where you want to share it, and once it has been shared, tap OK.


Hopefully if you follow the above steps carefully you will be able to take your Screenshot on iPhone 8 very easily. If you have any problem to understand how to take your Screenshot on iPhone 8 from the steps given by us, you can share your opinion with us by commenting in the comment box. thank you

How to quickly iPhone 8 screenshot?

Press power button>volume button at the same time.

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