How to Play 8 Crazy Games in

Crazy Games : Here are 8 Crazy Games centered around Chanukah that are fun for the whole family! Chanukah is an amazing time of year to come together with friends and family, however what happens when the kids need something fun to do, or when the conversation doesn’t last as long as the oil?

How to Play 8 Crazy Games in 2024

How to Play 8 Crazy Games List

Light a Match Crazy Games

How to play: Two participants from each group are given an opinion-based prompt called Chanukah (Ex- What was your favorite gift you received last year?). One participant must write their answer, and the other person writes what they think the other person will answer. If they match, they get points for their team.

Chanukah Harry

How to play: The “mystery” present is passed  almost and without opening it the teams must guess what is in the box. Each team will get 3 guesses (1 per player). Before the second and third rounds of guessing (1 guess per team = 1 round) a new clue will be given by the host. First team to guess correctly wins the points for their teams.

Dreidel Spin-off

How to play: Each participant is  conferred a dreidel. On the Host’s “Go,” party’s will spin their dreidel. When all dreidels land the party  (s) showing “nun” will be removed from the round. The last party standing will receive points for their team.

Menorah Categories

How to play: One party designated as the “shamash” stands in the middle of the remaining participants in a circle. The party in the middle is given a category (ex- foods you eat on Chanukah) from which they must name five things while the party in the circle passes the unlit candle around as fast as possible. If the “Shemesh” can name five things from the category before the candle completes its rotation in the circle, they get points for their team.

Hot Latke toss

How to play: All but one participant line up behind their team’s place marker and are identified as the tossed. The single participant stands across from their team holding the bucket and is identified as the catcher.

When the host says “Go,” tosses begin sailing the latke through the air to get it in the “catcher’s” bucket. After a tossed makes a throwing attempt, whether they get it in or not, they go to the end of their line. The team that catches the most latkes in one minute, will receive the points. Teams that tie all get points. Have a staff member behind the “catchers” to keep score.

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Chanukah Challenge

How to play: Parties stand in front of their respective white boards. On the Host’s “Go” parties will have one minute to write as many things as they can that have to do with Chanukah. They can be objects,  performances or ideas. Examples: Dreidel, menorah, oil, Chanukah harry, 8 Crazy Games, the Chanukah song, etc. At the end of the 2 minute, each team’s items are added up and judged for accuracy. The team with the top will win points for their team.

Gelt Hunt

How to play: Before the game, the “gelt” is hidden all almost the space. On the Host’s “Go,” parties have 30 seconds to find as much gelt as they can and get it back into the bucket before time is up. The parties with the most “gelt” in their bucket at the end of time will win points for their team, but participants can only hold one piece of gelt at a time!

The Sufganiyot Walk

How to play: Participants line up behind their respective starting marker. The first participant in line stands ready with the ball at their feet. At the host’s “go”, the first participant will pick up the ball.

And place it between their knees/thighs and will hop, walk, jump down the “track” and almost their bucket (as if they’ve eaten too much sufganiyot!). When the party returns to the starting position, they give the ball to the next party in line and go to the end of the line and sit. The first team to have all members complete the track and be seated will win the points for their his team.

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