Bose 600 Smart Soundbar Reviews with Big Atmos

The Bose 600 Smart Soundbar was release American largest audio Sound bar company. It is a brand that people instinctively trust to deliver good products with decent sound quality. The good news? Generally speaking, that’s not far wrong.

Bose 600 Smart Soundbar Reviews with Big Atmos

Features of Bose 600 Smart Soundbar

The Bose newest sound bar, the Bose 600 Smart Soundbar hopes to add to that. It sits around mid of the company’s sound bar offering and serves up a wide range of connectivity features—not to mention promises Dolby Atmos spatial audio from a single speaker, with no subwoofer add-on costing $499 / £400, that takes it head-to-head with the excellent Sonos Beam Gen 2. But can it deliver as a contract and how does it stack up against its formidable competition? Here’s my full review.

Body and Design

It Dimensions: 56 x 694 x 104mm, Weight: 3.1kg, Wall mount available separately. If you’re in the market for a visually careful but big sound bar, then you can consider the Bose 600 Smart Soundbar the ultimate box—ticker.

Boasting a sleek and understated design, there is no doubt it’ll complement just about any TV plonked underneath, be it a humongous OLED or a smaller TV for a kitchen or bedchamber.

Expect strong plastic for the main body and a perforated metal grille fold around. The front and sides plus another grilled sector along the top for the Atmos-focused drivers. It’s understated but it works, looks the part and feels hard without crying too loudly about it.

The better part, but, is the Bose 600 Smart Soundbar ‘s solid size. In terms of dimensions, it measures just 56 x 694 x 104mm, and weighs in at 3.1kg, which makes simply wall—mountable. Although – in true Bose 600 system the optional bracket comes at an additional cost.

Stock—Still, it makes it a really easy soundbar to accommodate no matter your home cinema setup, especially for those in smaller rooms who don’t have the space to make way for a separate subwoofer too.

Port and Connectivity

The main traffic point of the Bose 600 Smart Soundbar is that it is a solid and versatile all-in-one soundbar, there are other things to blog about here too. Support for Dolby Atmos, Support of 1 x HDMI eARC, 1 x optical, and Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth 4.2 supported.

Of course, it offers support for the Dolby Atmos soundtracks, however in a very different way to Sonos’ Beam Gen 2. The 5 drivers that you can find here behind this grille, two full—run drivers fire upwards to physically grow the sense of height by sticking out audio sound upwards – something Sonos’ soundbar does practically.

There is a single driver handling the center channel in the middle of the bar, while a racetrack driver at either end of the soundbar gives some added width. These bodily drivers are supported by Bose 600 Smart Soundbar’s proprietary processing. This state to upconvert stereo and 5.1 channel sources into Atmos-like soundtracks, with the same sense of attach level as you’d look for from a native soundtrack – but more on that in short.

Connectivity-wise, the Bose 600 Smart Soundbar takes in an HDMI eARC port for lossless Atmos playback, plus an optical digital audio input for connecting an older TV that does not support HDMI ARC/eARC.
You’ll lose all native Atmos functionality over Atmos however, and revert entirely to Bose’s TrueSpace processing, so do question your choice to spend the additional on an Atmos soundbar if you’re not using HDMI.

A second HDMI input to provide a bear would be a nice addition, though that’s something that isn’t always found on forecast soundbars —the Sonos Beam doesn’t include one, for example. From here, you can also control the Body’s functions, including selecting your source and modifying the volume – there’s even an EQ for twitch sound, as well as the option for attaching other compatible Bose products, like a sub or wireless rear surrounds, for a bigger system.

If your phone isn’t to hand, the Bose 600 Smart Soundbar near with a remote in the box. Which feels substantial enough for a product of this grade—a far cry from those cheap clicky membrane devices that don’t really work that well. There is also the option to control it via Alexa, or Google Assistant. It is very limited -it only a mute and voice-control action button on the top.

Alexa can offer basic controls like volume and track skipping, as well as access to music apps supported by the world-popular voice assistant. This works well—most of the time. If you are more of a Google Assistant person, Bose’s soundbar also plays beautifully with your voice assistant of choice, giving you related functionality when a Google speaker is connected to the network.

Alexa has the side over the two for being built in, meaning it can also use Bose’s Voice4Video feature to control functions of a connected Smart TV – everything from turning it on and off, to playing and pausing video playback and changing all channels.

Sound Quality Performance

Get your soundbar set up – which is as easy as plugging it in and connecting it to your smart TV. It serves the very best of its capabilities, like an Atmos soundtrack from Netflix and the Bose 600 Smart Soundbar shines. Watch large blockbusters like action-packed Marvel films, for instance and Bose handles them. With authority and dependence, producing a wide, open sound that places the result convincingly.

There are limitations to its power, but it does sound larger than physical dimensions, and those heights. Channels do a decent job of adding some elevation to the elements of a soundtrack that need it.
The midrange is solid and packed with sufficient detail and dialogue is delivered with focus and lucidity.

Bass is on the warm side, but controlled, put in presence to the soundtracks of thriller or high-octane flicks. It is a dynamic sound too, the Bose being able to express any shift in volume without second thought.

There is, but, a lack of lower bass here. In a relatively big room, for example, the deeper rumble you might await from a T—Rex running amok around Jurassic Park falls a small short —something you might get more from with a separate sub.

Some may also find the insistence of Bose to have listeners embrace spatial audio at every turn a little annoying. When you are not listening to Atmos soundtracks, Bose’s processing, which tries to initiate an Atmos experience from a non—Atmos soundtrack, is changed on by default —and can’t be turned off.

While it can be powerful with some content and join an extra level of immersion. It isn’t reliably so, and having some control of the playback in this sense would be valuable.



  • The warm, detailed sound works well with the Atmos soundtrack.
  • Well made, stylish and compact design.
  • Easy setup.
  • Wide connectivity options.


  • TrueSpace can’t be turned off, and it’s not always reliable.
  • Low bass is lacking.
  • Wall brackets come at an additional cost.


What are the special features of the Bose 600 Smart Soundbar?

Bose 600 Smart Soundbar special features are: Support of Dolby Atmos, Support of 1 x HDMI eARC, 1 x optical, and Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth 4.2 supported.

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