Android Q is still in development so we donít

The scenario is barely better with tasks from Google including Android One, Project Treble and an boom inside the quantity of people getting their arms on the Android beta versions. But itís no longer sufficient!

Unless you personal a Google Pixel or your phone is not listed inside the Android beta program, there’s an extended wait before Android Q arrives. That being said, there are some workarounds with a view to let you enjoy maximum of the Android Q features to your tool proper now.

How to get Android Q?
Many Android Q features are, greater or much less, upgrades to the functions added in Android 9 Pie. Hence, readers who’re strolling Android Oreo aka Android eight (or before) can jump to my article ó How to get Android Pie functions in your present day telephone?

Note: Several Android Q features cannot be received via an Android app right now. Hence, I will preserve on updating this list as quickly as I find Android apps which can mirror different Android Q functions apart from those in this listing.
Now, without wasting any time, letís check out a way to get Android Q capabilities.

  1. Bubbles Feature [DirectChat]
    Bubble characteristic Android Q

Facebook Messenger is one of my least favorite Android apps; however I appreciate one in all its features, generally referred to as Chat Heads. The characteristic allows customers to multi-assignment and converse concurrently. Android Q has added a glance-alike feature known as Bubbles.

To get this feature on your modern-day Android device, you could test out the Direct Chat app. Like chat heads on Facebook messenger, the Android app adds little circular icons on the display screenís part. If you click on the icon, the app showcases a floating UI that can be minimized again to the icon.

In the Direct Chat app settings, you can customise the chat bubbles by means of tweaking the dynamics of the icon, converting the font length and a lot greater. While Direct Chat allows many Android apps to apply the chat bubble feature, it is maximum compatible with social media apps including Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, etc.

Direct Chat

Android Q is still in development so we donít understand what the feature will seem like inside the final Android version; but, Direct Chat is the closest to what become featured inside the Android Q demo.

Download DirectChat

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